Why Heat With Oil?

  • Home heating oil is competitive with natural gas and electricity.
  • Oil-fired water heaters heat water in half the time it takes an electric water heater.
  • Furnace oil is neither flammable nor explosive.
  • The temperature of an oil flame is hotter than an electric, gas or propane flame which means you get a warmer house faster.
  • There is less risk of carbon -monoxide poisoning with oilheat than propane or gas.
  • For more information on this go to www.todaysoilheat.com

Why did the price of furnace oil vary so much last season?

  • Last September’s hurricanes down South spiked up the price of crude oil, which in turn raised all fuel prices.
  • Dramatic fluctuations in the price of crude oil affect the price of furnace oil.
  • Crude oil price depends on worldwide supply and demand. Demand varies worldwide and can be influenced by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

Why do you not rent equipment?

  • This policy allows us to keep fuel costs down, as tanks are being paid for by the customer.
  • Customers tend to take better care of equipment if it is owned, rather than being rented.

Why does my house seem to use a lot more oil than my neighbour's?

  • An older furnace does not run as efficiently, and uses more oil.
  • Older homes are not weatherized (caulking, weather-stripping around doors) as well as homes built today.
  • Is your home properly insulated. Is your attic insulated?
  • Oil consumption can be related to the size of your home. Larger homes require more energy.
  • Your home’s location is another factor. A home located in an open field is susceptible to winds, promoting heat escape from the home, and increasing oil consumption.
  • Opening doors and windows frequently also contributes to heat escape from your home.
  • Do you turn down your thermostat at night and when away from home?

Have a licensed oil burner technician perform a home energy audit to ensure that your furnace and appliances are running efficiently.