Residential Propane Delivery in Guelph

Propane is cleaner burning and has wider range of applicable uses in the home than other energy sources. In addition to home heating, propane is used with BBQs, refrigerators, patio heaters, cooktops/ranges, water heaters, fireplaces and many more. We aim to make your life more comfortable and take pride in our value added services.

Heating Oil & Delivery in Guelph

While natural gas and electricity prices continue to soar, furnace oil holds the potential to give you the highest value out of your energy dollar. It is competitively priced when compared to electricity and natural gas, and packs up to four times the potential energy. Home owners are gravitating towards furnace oil heating for their homes, justifying their decision with its clean, efficient and safe nature.

Due to the high demand of furnace oil, we have expanded our service area to Guelph and the following locations:
Waterdown, Campbellville, Milton, Georgetown, Halton Hills, Acton, Aberfoyle, Puslinch, Freelton, Flamborough, Arthur, Drayton, Fergus, Elora, Ariss, Rockwood and Erin.

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