Residential Propane Delivery in Burlington

Pulling out all the stops to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied, FUELS is reliable and a pleasure to work with. FUELS goes beyond propane supply. We are avid believers that satisfied customers will provide us with repeat business and we are willing to go to great lengths to achieve this. Putting safety, health and the environment first, our operations meet and often exceed industry and service standards.

Heating Oil & Delivery in Burlington

Leaders in energy supply and furnace oil, FUELS prides itself on delivering perfect service and providing impeccable products. There is no question that FUELS has risen to become one of the most trusted fuels supplier in Southern Ontario. Being in business for almost 20 years, FUELS has adapted to the market place and tailored its services to meet the customer’s needs. Meeting all necessary service and industry requirements, FUELS is more than qualified to supply residential, agricultural and commercial propane to whatever or wherever your operations may be.

Call us, and have your furnace oil delivered almost immediately to Burlington and local areas:
Waterdown, Millgrove, Carlisle, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Freelton, Oakville, Erin Mills and Milton

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