Residential Propane Delivery in Simcoe

Always ready to service, our customers from a wide array of industries are trusting FUELS with deliveries and supply that powers the whole of their operations. We have been in business since 1995 and have expanded our services to the whole of Southern Ontario. Our large transportation fleet, and unparalleled distribution system is our competitive advantage and allows us to set record breaking prices.

Heating Oil & Delivery in Simcoe

Safe and economical, furnace oil has made a substantial comeback, being 95% cleaner than it was in 1970. Present-day heating oil will create absolutely no residue, dirt or odor in your home. Furnace oil is also non-explosive; it will not even burn in liquid state, posing absolutely no threat to your home or business. Extremely efficient, furnace oil converts around 85%-95% of fuel into heat while being comparatively lower priced than other heating solutions.

Furnace oil is available in Simcoe and the following areas:
Waterford, Norwich, Jarvis, Hagersville, Burford, Brantford, Port Dover, Nanticoke, Port Rowan, Selkirk, Haldimand, Caledonia, Cayuga and Tillsonburg.