Residential   Propane Delivery in Welland

We’re your one-stop source for a wide range of residential, commercial and agricultural propane products in Welland. We offer competitive pricing, volume discounts and fast, dependable delivery. We excel at adding value to your home, business or farm. Our reputation for friendly, reliable and timely service along with our competitive low prices have allowed us to compete for over 15 years.

Heating Oil & Delivery in Welland

FUELS has been delivering the economical, clean-burning and reliable furnace oil since 1995. With its non-toxic, non-explosive and carcinogen-free characteristics, it is one of the safest methods of heating your home. Along with its safety and comfort, it is and extremely cost effective heat source as it packs the highest heat per unit of any other residential heating method. Creating absolutely no residue, dirt or odor, it should be accepted into every home.

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